The Roc Awards Nomination process is in full force…

Nominate a ton of wonderful people who have been out here putting in the work… Make sure to nominate…. Go on our website and see all the different categories…

It is AMAZING the platform that is available to express the appreciation of all of the talent and local small businesses upstate NY has to offer…

Last year our website alone received well over 250k in page hits with respect to the overall nomination and voting process ..

This is our 5th year of production!

What a POWER position for your business or brand to be exposed… Imagine the brand recognition that is to be gained from being our sponsor!

Your brand will be on our website and promoted throughout social media and at our awards show!

It is NOT to late to sign up and be a sponsor. Be a part of an Award Show that UNIFIES and STRENGTHENS and of course DEFINES community support.

Become a sponsor, we have many levels of sponsorship opportunities that your business can benefit from.


all marketing material and payment is due by 01/20/2017

Contact our Sponsorship Coordinator today!
Zayra M. Lespier 
585 210 3183

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