Nomination Flyer w dates                    Today marked Day One of the race to the 2015 Roc Awards. The opening day of Nominations kicked off with hundreds of ready supporters sending in NOMS for the individuals they rep all year long. There’s something so perfect and well deserved about celebrating Rochester talent and achievement. Even if you were born and raised here you may not know how culture and talent rich this town is. Did you know that George Eastman, the father of modern Photography started his empire here? He also began the Eastman School of Music that has trained thousands of young musicians. Storied jazz musician Cabb Calloway played clubs on our streets, opera singer Renee Flemming first aired out those pipes in Rochester NY and DJ Green Lantern, Tweet, Jodeci, Timberland & Magoo recorded, produced or performed in Rochester, New York. Home to beautiful theaters and dramatic flair, we host fantastic plays and musicals each year. Garth Fagan dance finds its home here . Talent lives and was born here. Actor Taye Diggs and model Tyson Beckford were born and raised as Rochesterians. The world has celebrated our Roc-heSTARs for a hundred years. Now its time to celebrate our current generation of talent, business saavy and creativity. Nominate yourself or someone else for a 2015 RocAward. TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Do it for the glitz and glam, do it to celebrate all you’ve grown and achieved in your craft….do it for our favorite reason of all- do it for the love of the ROC. Nominations now thru January 5th,