In this life we all have those essential things that motivate us to move. They are the things that push us to keep grinding even when the odds are no longer in our favor. For some of us it’s family, others love- some success. But whatever it is, we believe in it strongly enough to keep fighting to keep the light on and in many ways for the team that works year round to produce the celebration of Art and Talent, of possibilities and stardom- the Roc Awards is one of those lights. Rochester, New York has a rich heritage of soul and of culture. Music lives here, suffrage pioneered here and the earliest Civil Rights freedom fighters gathered here. We are technology and creativity, we are film, hip-hop, dance, drama and business. We are protest and passion. We are Rochester and that means something. Although at times cast dim in the shadow of violence and poverty we all lose sight of the pride we should have for this little big city that in so many ways has effected the world. And whether we choose to make a life here or take our drive, ambition and ability to survive elsewhere. You have to love the place you came from because it is what you learned here, for better or worse that made you who you are today. The sparkles of light that shine so brightly searching for a stage in this town find it at The Roc Awards. On February 15, 2015 in the beautiful Theater on the Ridge we will live out the mission that began 3yrs ago with Khadija Yawn and Yolanda Smilez journey. The 2015 Roc Awards will celebrate and bring recognition to Rochester’s talent, while providing a platform to give back to the community that birthed us. We shine a light and invite you to witness the greatness that pulsates through the corner galleries, sidewalk cyphers, churches and theaters that live and breathe Rochester. If you ask us why, which countless people do, the answers simple…. For the love of the ROC.Nominations start December 7th….the show is 2-15-15…,. What are YOU rising above in 2015? For Rochester. By Rochester #ROCRISE

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