She came, saw, conquered and pressed her way through to greatness being crowned Rochester’s Best Female Host 2016. That’s right the bold, fearless and spicy island hotty known as Racqui B., baby. This trendsetting fashion killa, and CEO of Bold Blossom Productions has been the face of almost every main event as your host in the 585 which includes: concerts, private parties, fashion shows, pageants etc. I recently had to lace up my puma sneakers and catch up with this busy beauty to see what she’s been up to. 

Racqui B., a woman who works hard but plays so much harder, explained what it was like being a winner of the Roc Award for Best Female Host 2016, “The irony is when my name was announced I did not hear it because I was working/hosting the red carpet and interviewing the vendors. When I walked back into the auditorium my name was on the screen and everyone was yelling “you won  … you won”. I then jogged down the aisle unaware, surprised, nervous, but those emotions happened to be one of the best feelings of my career.” A she was sharing this moment with me, I told her that I hope she didn’t leave her glass slipper behind because that sounded like a moment in the making.

It actually sounds like the words Racqui B. used to explain the Roc Awards which were, “Innovative, Powerful, Celebration, Glamour, & Surreal”. 

As if we couldn’t imagine her life getting any busier, it did after excepting her award as best host because more doors begin to open for Racqui after the Roc Awards. “The doors open when you turn the knob. That’s one thing people fail to realize, the title or trophy doesn’t mean a thing if you do not put yourself out there and use it to your advantage. So I’ve been turning knobs with every intent on walking in my purpose”. Did she just school us for the free? I’m not complaining, we all know Racqui is about her bag so, if she is blessing us with her secrets free of charge, I’m running with it, that’s all I’m saying.

As we witness Racqui B chasing that success in 6 inch stilettos, she opens up on what she has going on now. “I have so much going on. Since then I’ve started my own production company (Bold Blossom Productions). I was also handpicked to be a co-host on The Muse Report Radio Show and I’m still hosting events. I love what I do, and I hope it shows”. Oh yeah, Racqui it shows, coming from the one that witnessed you having the club going up on a Tuesday, girl I’m still trying to recover from that night. 

You can’t help but to become motivated in the presence of a great one. So you wonder how being a winner of a Roc Award has motivated the great Racqui B, in her response “The recognition / title has allowed me to fearlessly execute my hosting duties. When I’m on stage or addressing any audience, I am fully confident in my abilities”.

Well then if you’re looking for someone to execute, slaughter and master your next event, make sure you book Racqui B for all your hosting needs at or for (585)329-3534.

Written by: Tutu of Concrete88