A Diva is a female version of a hustla, is the definition of the work Esther puts in daily. A woman that can be both a diva and a hustla has claimed her throne two times in a row being crowned Best Hairstylist 2015-16. Esther the owner of Belle Cheveux (beautiful hair) salon has been making lots of noise when it comes to her creative and artistic traits of slaying hair. They say you never work a day in your life when you do what you love, so when asked how it felt to win a Roc Award, Esther humbly said “how amazing it was to be recognized by your city not only once but twice in a row”.

As thousands attend the Roc Awards yearly to show off their unique fashion expressions, a great percentage of them proudly grace the red carpet with their hair on slayage by Rochester’s own Esther. Being a hairstylist takes special character, so when Esther was asked to sum up the Roc Awards in 5 words she said “fashion-statement, togetherness, winners, love and level-up”, I instantly became amazed that, that was a reflection of her as an entrepreneur.

Although the doors of Belle Cheveux are open Tuesday-Saturday, that isn’t the only door that has opened up for this business since the Roc Awards. After being crowned twice Esther has acknowledged that since then she has “met many new clients that witnesses her passion every time she touches their hair”. “Many grew curious to what was so special about Esther at Belle Cheveux”. Esther has been delivering beyond expectations when it comes to track laying, hair-coloring, chemical processing, hair-cutting and natural styling, but what can we expect for her in her upcoming plan? “I am planning something big in 2017 but I don’t like to talk about it until it’s written, so just send those prayers up”. Well then, Mrs. Charles-Sanders sounds like you have big things ahead!!!!

In a city full of professional hairstylist it is very essential to stay motivated at what you do and the Roc Awards loves to acknowledge those who go hard 365 days a year which extremely motivating to the winners and the viewers. Esther is one of many who the Roc Awards motivated, “it motivated me to continue to be who I am which got me where I am today. I am loyal to what I LOVE doing, which is hair and enhancing beauty. I love blessing someone and enhancing ones beauty in which I find beauty in everyone”.

With no time to slow down and her grind on 100, you can always catch up with Esther at 301 Genesee St or book your appointment on http://www.styleseat.com/esthercharlessanders

Written by Tutu of Concrete88