I recently caught up with 2016 Roc Award winner Charles Emmanuel (Best New Artist) and he had nothing but extravagant things to say about Rochester’s very own “Roc Awards”.

“Entertaining, uplifting, community, inspiring and exciting” symbolizes the Roc Awards as a whole says Charles Emmanuel.

Being the new kid on the block, it isn’t always easy to pave your way in a city full of veterans, so when asked how it felt winning a Roc Award, Charles Emmanuel expressed “Winning the ROC Award for Best New Artist was very emotional for me. It felt like it was a dream because it took me a minute to get out of my seat once I heard my name. It was one of the biggest highlights of my year. I still look at the trophy in shock sometimes”.

As hundreds to thousands get together every year in their red carpet attire to not only witness greatness within our city and great fellowship, but to also showcase their talents and businesses. It is said that everyone who attends the Roc Awards leaves with a spark of motivation. The ROC Awards has motivated me in many ways, but the number one way is that it has taught me to go with my gut feeling and to trust myself with my art because someone is always watching and you never know who will like it” was Miller’s response when asked in what ways have the Roc Awards motivated you.

Going on its fifth year of greatness this local awards show has blossomed its way out Rochester and is getting positive exposure in the north eastern region. Not only has the Roc Awards opened doors for itself, but also for all of its winners. In a very enthused voice Charles Emmanuel said the Roc Awards has open “PLENTY” of doors and opportunity for him.” It not only opened doors for me to perform on some events such as Juneteenth and ROC the Park, but it also made me aware of some of the talent here in Rochester”. Since being crowned, Charles Emmanuel just completed his mini tour for his debut EP The Healing Process that was recently released spring 2016.

However, after the completion of his tour Charles Emmanuel did take a brief break per his decision, but don’t get to comfortable with Charles Emmanuel taking his load off because soon he will be back at pursuing his greatness and creating new material. Charles Emmanuel may be resting, but he sure isn’t hiding because you can keep up with him through his website http://www.charlesemanuelmusic.com. Will Charles Emmanuel take the crown yet again this time around? Mark your calendars for February 19, 2017 for the most anticipating and talked about show the “ROC AWARDS”.